Sunday, September 20, 2009

I went on a date last night and we made ice cream
sculptures. It was so fun! Can you tell what we made?
We ate so much ice cream while doing it though. Ugh we
were all sick afterwards.
Lindie, Spence and I cheering on our team!
I went to my first BYU football game. It was so awesome.
They lost, which they absolutly shouldn't have but hopefully they
won't let us down again. :)

At the tale gate party! So much fun before the game.

Lacey, Macall and I went to Osaka. A really fun Japanese place, where
we got to sit on the floor and eat so really delish food. MMM so good

Drewbie has surgery! :( I went to to be with Alison to the hospital
Drew was such a good boy.

Alison and Drewbie

Finally a New Post

Hurrah so I finally updated my blog! The pictures are not in order but enjoy!

I went with my really good friend, Whitney, to go wedding dress shopping
She looked and looked for the perfect dress and the moment she put
this one on she fell in love with it! It was so cute to see her face
Its weird that one of my best friends is getting married.
I'm not sure how I feel about this, but what to do I do not know. :)

Lindie (my roommie) decorated my apartment for my birthday. It was so cute.
I woke up and there was cake in the fridge and everything looked so cute.
I love you Lindi!

So I watched my little nephews while my brother, Jeff and sister in-law Alison
took off in a fun get away. They were good boys, Drew wanted his momma
at times but Jack and I had a lot of fun.
This pic was taken right after Jack ate a whole fat boy.
He had it in his nose and everywhere. HAHA shh mom will never know :)
I did Jacks hair and I guess he liked it...:)

We played super man!

Jack found his parents suitcase and literally played with it
all day. He couldn't pull the handle up and down so he
would ask me to to help him. This one time I helped him he
told me "good job, thank you" It was so cute and I think maybe his mom
tells him that all the time...haha