Sunday, October 26, 2008

This weeks adventures!

Funny story so the night before fall ball Jordan and I were
talking about if we wanted to go to the fall ball or not.
We didn't have dates so we were thinking we could get
a big group together and go. Some of our guy friends came over
and started talking to us (in the good ol library.) So we asked them what
their plans were for fall ball and they like the idea of going as a
big group. That night Kiley, Jordan and I got a text from Garrett telling
us to look up this video on youtube but we were all practically asleep
so we finally watched it the following day and the video was actually
of them asking each of us in funny ways if we would go to the dance
with them. Oh it was so funny, so yep we went with them and
it was soooo much fun, super chill, not awkward at all. I loved it!
The roommates and all of our dates

Dancing the night away

Tadd, me, Matt, Kiley, Logan and Kat partying it up!

Tadd's birthday!
We made Tadd a birthday cake and it ended up
being 6 layers tall. It looks like a big mac but so much better!

The finished product. He actually turned 26 but he told
everyone he was turning 33 so we put the 33 candles on there.
It turned out to be oh so good and everyone loved it!
Tadd's Birthday

Leanna, Me, Kanasa and Chelsea
I got Fijian food. So good and soooo much!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Super fun but really long HIKING DAY!

I love the sign
Two flowers/berries we found on the way back

Climbing down the slippery roots, luckily there was a rope!

Chelsea in the stream bed. We climbed through it to get to the waterfall.

I look like i'm in the Jungle...oh wait I really am!

I ran up this hill to get to the big look out point,

there was no way I was going to slowly walk up it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Saturday Adventures!

Joy, Chelsea and I baking and of course eating in the sun. AK represent! Ok so at least we tried.

At the palace of King Kamehameha

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Running in Hawaii

Yesterday I went for a run. I waited until night time so it wouldn't be crazy, hot and humid so that I could run comfortably (more so than day, still hot!.) So when I came back, my one of my roommates asked me if I had just gone and jumped in the ocean. I paused and looked at myself drenched in sweat, replied with a laugh no. But it gave me the idea to do just that.... I ran across the street on to the beach (still in my running clothes) and jumped into the ocean. It was a crazy feeling but so much fun. I then came back even more wet and told my roommate that I had now jumped in the ocean.

Shelly Came to HAWAII!

Shelly Barker (My friend from back home) had a lay over in Honolulu. So I went and chilled with her for a couple of hours. It was so much fun and well worth the two hour bus ride there and two hours back.