Sunday, November 9, 2008

LACEY came to visit!

I was a zebra/cow with a a medical
glove as my utter and Lacey was my milk maid.
Eatting Thai food in Haleiwa


We just finished the biggest maze in the world
and we're so exhausted from our search.

Pineapple ICE SCREAM!

Little red pineapple
Look lacey's a pineapple!

Oh the bus it!

Snorkeling in Sharks Cove! Honesly I don't
know why they call it that, its so shallow a shark
couldn't possibly get in there. We saw lots of fish
and sea urchins and lacey spotted a flat sand
fish that blends in and stays on the sand. (Just like
in finding Nemo!)
Queen on the cove!

After sharks cove we had a picnic on the shore.

Picnic on the shore!

Lacey's first ACAI bowl. Now she is addicted and
took packets of it home.
We caught the sunset while waiting for the
bus. There's lacey leaning against the tree
with her leg in the air and then the both of us.

Polynesian Culture Center and Pearl Harbor

The P.C.C. so pretty and has so many tropical
Look at our fishes we made out of
coconut leaves. We learned how in the
village of samoa.

She's holding her fish that she made ready to
jump into the river!

Lacey just chillin on the statues nose....I wonder
how greasy that thing us I mean it is really hot outside?
And he probably is checking out Lacey's booty, psh knotty knotty


The USS Arizona it was really cool to see the boat
partly out of the water. It really made us think and
realize what happened there and what a big sacrafice
it was.

One of the old submarines that we went on an
audio tour through it.

Lacey and I about to send a tormedo
to blow up the enemy!

Last day adventures with LACE

We first took a hike....well a walk up a paved walkway
up to this scenic point. We could see two sides of the
island and little light house.....Soooo B E A utiful!

We went to a little cove that had a beach

just right for us. It was so much fun and way

cool to climb on the rocks and in the caves
while the waves were pounding.

Both Lacey and I stood over that spot you can

see where the water blasts up against the rocks,

well Lacey stood pretty close to the edge and when

the water came she almost got knocked over, there

was so much water.....scary

Lacey loved to surf! While she was surfing she actually

had a guy come and help here. He said that he just comes

out several times a week to help people learn cool!