Sunday, September 20, 2009

I went on a date last night and we made ice cream
sculptures. It was so fun! Can you tell what we made?
We ate so much ice cream while doing it though. Ugh we
were all sick afterwards.
Lindie, Spence and I cheering on our team!
I went to my first BYU football game. It was so awesome.
They lost, which they absolutly shouldn't have but hopefully they
won't let us down again. :)

At the tale gate party! So much fun before the game.

Lacey, Macall and I went to Osaka. A really fun Japanese place, where
we got to sit on the floor and eat so really delish food. MMM so good

Drewbie has surgery! :( I went to to be with Alison to the hospital
Drew was such a good boy.

Alison and Drewbie

Finally a New Post

Hurrah so I finally updated my blog! The pictures are not in order but enjoy!

I went with my really good friend, Whitney, to go wedding dress shopping
She looked and looked for the perfect dress and the moment she put
this one on she fell in love with it! It was so cute to see her face
Its weird that one of my best friends is getting married.
I'm not sure how I feel about this, but what to do I do not know. :)

Lindie (my roommie) decorated my apartment for my birthday. It was so cute.
I woke up and there was cake in the fridge and everything looked so cute.
I love you Lindi!

So I watched my little nephews while my brother, Jeff and sister in-law Alison
took off in a fun get away. They were good boys, Drew wanted his momma
at times but Jack and I had a lot of fun.
This pic was taken right after Jack ate a whole fat boy.
He had it in his nose and everywhere. HAHA shh mom will never know :)
I did Jacks hair and I guess he liked it...:)

We played super man!

Jack found his parents suitcase and literally played with it
all day. He couldn't pull the handle up and down so he
would ask me to to help him. This one time I helped him he
told me "good job, thank you" It was so cute and I think maybe his mom
tells him that all the time...haha

Sunday, February 1, 2009

MY week!

This week was a well crazy good one. Lisa Nunez called me up wanting me to help her plan Kelsie, her daughters birthday party. So we did and it was so much fun. We did a video scavenger hunt. Making music videos as fast as we could. I went again to Uncles Jeff's to see what was up cause my stomach pain is just not going away. I found out that I had a sinus infection on top of all my problems so that is why i was so terribly drained all the time. I got meds for that so I should be getting over that soon and my mom sent me Chinese meds so combining both those it should be good. Uncle Jeff scheduled me for a scope in my stomach to see what's going on with it. I found basketball tickets for Jeff and Alison, they came down to provo and we went to the games and dinner at a fantastic Japanese resturant. Well that's my week.

Marit and I struttin our stuff with the props we used for the scavenger hunt.
Lisa and her friend put on a show for us, from momma mia. The Dancing Queen
oh it was sooooo funny they learned the whole dance.

all I have to say is baha
Kelsie trying to wack the pinata

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter Semester!

So this semester so far has been quite the experience. The first few weeks i've been really sick and been in and out of the hospital. They found out it was a sist on my ovary, about the size of a grapefruit that errupted so there was about a cup and a half of liquid floating around in my abdominal that caused a lot of pain. So I've had to take it easy these few weeks i've been here. But its all up and up from here and of course I still manage to have some fun.Kierstin came to she is one hot man!

get out of her way!

Shopping... or maybe just models haha

Marit and Becca, my roommates TP ed my room while I was gone.

Marit likes to draw when she can't sleep so she drew me the beach scene.
oh how I miss the beach

I guess this is what my future man is supposed to look like...Oh BOY!

Marit's Birthday Party

Becca, Marit and I (roomies)

decorating the apt

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Second day of hike.

The second day there was the scariest canyon EVER! The rock slides were right there. Most of the trail was about 2 ft wide but here with the major drop off into the waves crashing against the cliff and the slanted trail with nothing to hold on to was much scarier than the rest.

Me at the top of a ridge.

Look we spelled WOW!

Alright so I had so many experiences on this trip both spiritual and just fun with the crew. About 10 miles into the 11 mile hike I was doing a little trot down this hill (pic below). It was the safest hill we had been on with more room to get a little jog going down hill. As I was almost at the bottom my foot slid into a ditch and my ankle rolled inward and snapped. I completely dropped to the ground and began to roll around because of the pain. Luckily this hill was a very wide hill not like the two foot and then a cliff hill. I didn't know what to do I was almost 11 miles in with an ankle swelling and turning blue instantly. With the help of the priesthood there and the Lord watching out for me, I received a blessing and they helped me to our camp site. I took care of it that night and in the morning and I was able to make it all the way back out the next day. Not that all the pain went away but I was able to bare it the whole way out. I know for sure that the Lord was with me and watching out for me. There is no way on earth that I should have even been able to walk out on it. I love this gospel and the priesthood power in our lives.

Our Camp site the second day.

The waves the second day were up to 20 ft high. So stinkin HUGE!

The Na Pali Coastline HIKE!

This might take a while but here goes. Hope you enjoy! This hike was the most beautiful and amazing hike I have ever been on. It not only was challenging but so rewarding. After every peak of climbing up or around there was an breath taking view. If you like hiking I HIGHLY recommend this hike. You'll never regret it ever, just plan it on a completely clear weekend. We started off on a bright beautiful morning early to get a good start for the day.

The beginning of our big adventure!

The coastline we hiked in the background.

About 2 miles in there was a little beach that I found out that many people have died at because of the huge waves that come through there. The waves were about 10ft that day. Which is big enough to me. So we opted to stay closer in shore. We were already so hot we all hopped in and played for a couple of hours. Exploring caves and playing in the water.

We started our hike on Thanksgiving Day. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

PS our Thanksgiving dinner was the best ever, granola and chef boyardee..mmm

So I guess I don't have the best hops ahaha

The cave around the corner from the little beach.

Kallee and I

Back to the hiking

The Na Pali Coast line. We hiked up and around every ridge.

The crew!

One of the cliffs into the deep blue.

Darval and the mountains. I Love the formation of the mountains. So different from Alaska's mountains.

There's the four of us girls out on the a narrow cliff off the trail.