Sunday, January 4, 2009

Second day of hike.

The second day there was the scariest canyon EVER! The rock slides were right there. Most of the trail was about 2 ft wide but here with the major drop off into the waves crashing against the cliff and the slanted trail with nothing to hold on to was much scarier than the rest.

Me at the top of a ridge.

Look we spelled WOW!

Alright so I had so many experiences on this trip both spiritual and just fun with the crew. About 10 miles into the 11 mile hike I was doing a little trot down this hill (pic below). It was the safest hill we had been on with more room to get a little jog going down hill. As I was almost at the bottom my foot slid into a ditch and my ankle rolled inward and snapped. I completely dropped to the ground and began to roll around because of the pain. Luckily this hill was a very wide hill not like the two foot and then a cliff hill. I didn't know what to do I was almost 11 miles in with an ankle swelling and turning blue instantly. With the help of the priesthood there and the Lord watching out for me, I received a blessing and they helped me to our camp site. I took care of it that night and in the morning and I was able to make it all the way back out the next day. Not that all the pain went away but I was able to bare it the whole way out. I know for sure that the Lord was with me and watching out for me. There is no way on earth that I should have even been able to walk out on it. I love this gospel and the priesthood power in our lives.

Our Camp site the second day.

The waves the second day were up to 20 ft high. So stinkin HUGE!

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