Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter Semester!

So this semester so far has been quite the experience. The first few weeks i've been really sick and been in and out of the hospital. They found out it was a sist on my ovary, about the size of a grapefruit that errupted so there was about a cup and a half of liquid floating around in my abdominal that caused a lot of pain. So I've had to take it easy these few weeks i've been here. But its all up and up from here and of course I still manage to have some fun.Kierstin came to she is one hot man!

get out of her way!

Shopping... or maybe just models haha

Marit and Becca, my roommates TP ed my room while I was gone.

Marit likes to draw when she can't sleep so she drew me the beach scene.
oh how I miss the beach

I guess this is what my future man is supposed to look like...Oh BOY!

Marit's Birthday Party

Becca, Marit and I (roomies)

decorating the apt

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