Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Na Pali Coastline HIKE!

This might take a while but here goes. Hope you enjoy! This hike was the most beautiful and amazing hike I have ever been on. It not only was challenging but so rewarding. After every peak of climbing up or around there was an breath taking view. If you like hiking I HIGHLY recommend this hike. You'll never regret it ever, just plan it on a completely clear weekend. We started off on a bright beautiful morning early to get a good start for the day.

The beginning of our big adventure!

The coastline we hiked in the background.

About 2 miles in there was a little beach that I found out that many people have died at because of the huge waves that come through there. The waves were about 10ft that day. Which is big enough to me. So we opted to stay closer in shore. We were already so hot we all hopped in and played for a couple of hours. Exploring caves and playing in the water.

We started our hike on Thanksgiving Day. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

PS our Thanksgiving dinner was the best ever, granola and chef boyardee..mmm

So I guess I don't have the best hops ahaha

The cave around the corner from the little beach.

Kallee and I

Back to the hiking

The Na Pali Coast line. We hiked up and around every ridge.

The crew!

One of the cliffs into the deep blue.

Darval and the mountains. I Love the formation of the mountains. So different from Alaska's mountains.

There's the four of us girls out on the a narrow cliff off the trail.

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